Healthcare SEO Case Study: Koher Medical

This campaign is still running and contains only the results from the first 4 months. 

Koher Medical is one of the #1 hair transplant providers in the United States – but not many people knew that just a few short months ago. Their goal was to rank highly for hair transplant-related keywords around their High Point, NC, Wilmington, NC, and Harrisburg, PA office locations and capture high-quality leads from doing so. 

We partnered with Koher Medical to implement an SEO strategy to rank for local and national hair transplant keywords such as “best hair transplant doctors in the USA”. We rank pages by publishing strategic content to fully satisfy the visitor’s search intent and convert that visitor into a lead and eventually a sale. 

Koher Medical SEO Campaign by the Numbers

Organic Website Traffic

The data below is from only organic website traffic, which includes all people who found Koher Medical from our SEO campaign. 


MetricDecember 2023 (Before Focus Digital)April 2024May 2024
Organic Website Traffic202 visitors637 visitors (215% increase since Dec)1,777 (780% increase since Dec)
Organic Website Sessions257 sessions775 sessions (202% increase since Dec)2,149 (736% increase since Dec)
Organic Website Conversions (Consultations Booked)0 consultations booked24 consultations booked (∞% increase since Dec)31 consultations booked (∞% increase since Dec)

Organic + Direct Website Traffic

The data below is from all non-paid website traffic. Many customers return to the site several times before booking, and our content plays a major role in both the decision to return and the likelihood of conversion once there. 

MetricDecember 2023 (Before Focus Digital)April 2024May 2024
Website Traffic492 visitors1,088 visitors (121% increase since Dec)2,153 visitors (338% increase since Dec)
Website Sessions638 sessions1,329 sessions (108% increase since Dec)2,581 sessions (305% increase since Dec)
Website Conversions (Consultations Booked)3 consultations booked57 consultations booked (1,800% increase since Dec)64 consultations (2,033% increase since Dec)

Our Content in Action

We aim to create the best page on Google for each of our targeted keywords. We do this by fulfilling search intents and secondary search intents, making content easily readable and skimmable, and implementing strong visual elements into the page. 

Working with Focus Digital

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