Acquire Near-Immediate Leads and an SEO Supercharge with Google ads

Google Ads gives you the ability to acquire leads quickly and test the best keywords to target with your organic content.

Why Google Ads ?

If you need an influx of leads into your pipeline immediately, consider launching Google PPC campaigns. There are three primary benefits to launching PPC campaigns while also performing search engine optimization: 

Fast Results


SEO Synergy

The Dual Strategy: SEO + PPC

While PPC delivers immediate ROI, combining it with a robust SEO strategy ensures higher returns over the long term. The PPC keyword data allows for optimizations to be made within the SEO campaign that may not have been seen otherwise.

PPC for Campaign Testing and Growth

Google Ads allows for rapid testing of various audience-message hypotheses. In a small amount of time, we can ascertain whether new messaging will resonate with the market.

Budgeting and ROI

We aid in creating a PPC budget that fits with the market you are targeting. Each nuance of budget creation is calculated. If a budget is too low, there will not be adequate penetration into the market. If the budget is too high, the market is oversaturated and the message is burned. The sweet spot yields a maximum ROI.

A/B Testing for Optimal Performance

No campaign is perfect in its genesis. Our strategy favors heavy experimentation until a perfect audience-message synergy is achieved.

Why Choose Us for Your PPC Campaigns ?

Because our SEO and PPC teams operate under the same umbrella, data and strategy are centralized, resulting in SEO and PPC campaigns that support each other for the slight edge over the competition.