Strategic, Custom SEO Campaign Planning

Our SEO experts customize every client’s strategic SEO plan to ensure the quickest and highest ROI possible.

At Focus Digital, we believe in taking a tailored approach to creating our clients’ “Strategic Plans”. We present an entire campaign roadmap including expected traffic and leads for the entirety of the campaign. Our Strategic Plans are created during the first month a client works with us and pave the ground for a successful SEO campaign. All Strategic Plans are entirely human-generated, meaning we rely entirely on our expert strategists – not AI or keyword generation tools.

The Two Pillars of an SEO Campaign

The Strategic Plan

Content Creation

Identify Revenue Driving Keywords

Most companies, regardless of industry or size, have between 50-200 keywords that if ranked for, would deliver more leads and sales than the company can fulfill. We learn your market and reverse-engineer the search terms the most ready-to-buy prospects are searching for by hand, allowing us to find the keywords missed by keyword generation tools. 

Crafting Schedule of Content

Once the keywords are selected, they are sorted into topical pillars and placed into a schedule of content, telling the client when each page will be published to their website. Keywords are prioritized based on how quickly the client can rank for the keyword, ensuring a positive ROI is achieved in months instead of years.

Page Strategy Created

Once the keywords are sorted and scheduled, a write-up is done of the strategic purpose of each page. Some pages are designed to acquire large quantities of traffic, while others may not gather much traffic, but the traffic it does gather will be highly qualified and ready to convert. Other pages are not meant to generate traffic, rather, they exist to help convert existing traffic in higher quantities.  

Conversion Optimization Recommendations

The entire website is audited and put through our conversion optimization checklist to ensure each page has the highest likelihood of converting a visitor possible. The results of this optimization process manifest themselves as traffic on the site grows, and we continually monitor the data to optimize the website and conversion pathways. 

Website Health & Technical SEO Analysis

We perform a full website health & technical SEO analysis to ensure technical errors or slow page speeds are not penalizing your site in the search listings. This is critical to the success of the campaign. Website health and technical SEO are monitored continually throughout the campaign, and our software alerts us if any errors are found needing an immediate fix.

Strategic Plans Are Included with All SEO Campaigns – The Standard Rate for a Strategic Plan is $6,000 if Purchased Separately