The Best SEO Agencies for Small Businesses: 2024 Edition

Millions of small businesses, regardless of industry, rely on the Google search algorithm to deliver leads and sales into their pipeline. However, true to the 80/20 rule, 80% of small businesses are losing in the Google search rankings. 

Using our quantitative ranking methodology, we’ve compiled a list of the best SEO agencies for small businesses. Let’s take a look at the four factors determining each agency’s score:

  • Affordability: SEO campaigns are the most profitable over a medium to long time horizon. Each agency must provide a plan that small businesses can reasonably afford until the campaign has become profitable. Depending on the agency and its strategy, breaking even can take anywhere from 5-15 months. [ Algorithm Weight: .20 ]
  • SEO Strategy: SEO and SEO done well are two different beasts. As the Google search algorithm has changed in recent years, we are looking for agencies with updated strategies as well. It’s no longer enough to rely on a high number of backlinks. Additionally, SEO strategy highly influences the time to break even.  [ Algorithm Weight: .30 ]
  • Customization: Many agencies use cookie-cutter ideas for each of their clients. Achieving a high score in this category means the agency brainstorms and executes new ideas for their clients instead of relying on a generic SOP for their campaigns. [ Algorithm Weight: .30 ]
  • Track Record: Even with the other three categories, we still examine how their client experience has been over time. Happy clients and high ROI = great score.  [ Algorithm Weight: .20 ]


The table below ranks our top 10 choices for SEO agencies for small businesses. If any agencies have a unique selling proposition, that will be highlighted below. 

NumberAgencySpecialtyAffordabilitySEO StrategyCustomizationTrack RecordScore
1Focus DigitalSmall Businesses & Professional Service Providers8.
2First Page SageSmall & Medium Sized Businesses4.
3Amazon SEO ConsultantAmazon8.
4DelanteInternational SEO9.
5Rank ScienceData Science5.
6REQSAAS & Technology5.
7NP SourceNon-profit7.
8Straight NorthFull Service Digital Marketing3.
9Funnel Boost MediaMass Market SEO9.
10Titan GrowthSEO Software3.

2024 Updates: For the first time, Delante has made the list at our number four spot. We especially liked how Delante does not have account managers, rather, each client works with an SEO expert personally. Every agency under number 4 has been moved down a spot, with the exception of Titan Growth, who has held their position at number 10, and Reach Local, who has lost their spot due to their merger with other marketing companies to create LocalIQ.

Best SEO Agencies for Small Businesses, Descriptions & Reviews

Each company is explained briefly below. 

Focus Digital

Focus Digital delivers just that, focus. Because they only take a few clients per month, they keep a low overhead and provide full-service agency services at entry-level agency prices. The strategy centers around ranking your site for low to medium competition high buyer intent keywords by creating highly relevant site content designed to convert intent into sales. 


Summary of Focus Digital Ranking
Affordability (8.2/10): Focus Digital provides boutique agency services at a price point designed for small businesses due to its low overhead costs.
SEO Strategy (9.3/10): Due to their innovative approach combining brand positioning and high intent keyword rankings, Focus Digital delivers top-of-the-page rankings and phenomenal ROI.
Customization (9.1/10): Each client receives a fresh start. Focus Digital does not reuse content from other clients as this hurts the rankings and is not the high level of service they strive to achieve.
Track Record (9.4/10): Due to the specially curated client experience and small team size, Focus Digital's leadership remains intimately involved with each client's campaigns, ensuring high satisfaction.


First Page Sage

First Page Sage is the pioneer of thought leadership based SEO and the largest SEO company in the United States. Using their innovative approach, they work with clients such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Verizon, and US Bank, moving the needle for multi billion dollar enterprises. 


Summary of First Page Sage Ranking
Affordability (4.0/10): Because of the sheer number of experts working on each campaign at First Page Sage, their prices are a bit higher than some small businesses can afford.
SEO Strategy (9.7/10): As the pioneer of thought-based SEO, First Page Sage stands above the rest in their ROI-driven approach to SEO. Evan Bailyn, CEO of First Page Sage, has been named one of the world's number-one SEO experts by publications such as Forbes and HuffPost.
Customization (9.8/10): First Page Sage dedicates no less than four SEO experts to each campaign. These experts collaborate and create the highest ROI strategy for each client.
Track Record (9.9/10): With a client list spanning from the largest companies in the world to mid-size businesses making waves in their industries, First Page Sage boasts an impressive track record of success for every client lucky enough to work with their team of industry leaders.

Amazon SEO Consultant

For small businesses selling on Amazon, Amazon SEO Consultant provides full service Amazon management plans designed to organically increase e-commerce sales. They can also assist businesses with setting up their first Amazon store. 


Summary of Amazon SEO Consultant Ranking
Affordability (8.1/10): Plans begin at $1,500 per month, making this an affordable option for many small businesses.
SEO Strategy (8.5/10): As specialists in their field, they are professionals in all topics relating to Amazon, allowing them to execute highly effective Amazon SEO strategies.
Customization (8.9/10): Every product is different, and Amazon SEO Consultant applies a unique strategy for each campaign.
Track Record (8.2/10): They are responsible for over $20,000,000 in additional revenue for their clients.



Delante is an international SEO company based in Cracow, Poland. Their specialty of international SEO makes them a great choice for any company looking to rank abroad. They also have a phenomenal technical SEO team which keeps their clients’ website speedy and indexed for better rankings on the SERP.


Summary of Delante Ranking
Affordability (9.1/10): According to their website, Delante offers SEO packages for as low as $1,000 - $2,000 for the US market.
SEO Strategy (7.2/10): Delante does impeccable work within their focuses of international SEO, e-commerce SEO, and technical SEO. We believe their approach to be sound for all areas outside of their content approach.
Customization (8.3/10): Delante does not have account managers, rather, each customer works with a dedicated SEO specialst who is actively working on their website.
Track Record (9.1/10): Delante boasts an impressive array of case studies on their website, with some clients seeing double-digit website traffic growth.


Rank Science

Rank Science is known for their heavy implementation of data science into their SEO approach. Companies in the tech industry will be most benefitted from working with Rank Science. 


Summary of Rank Science Ranking
Affordability (5.4/10): Rank Science heavily focuses on data science, pushing them to a bit higher price point than some small businesses are comfortable paying.
Customization (8.5/10): Rank Science runs independent tests for each client, ensuring unique decisions and strategies are implemented for each client.
SEO Strategy (8.8/10): Their strategy is based on split testing and optimizing their keywords and search listings using a data science-driven approach.
Track Record (8.9/10): Rank Science has several impressive case studies centering around the tech industry on their website.



REQ is a brand-focused digital marketing agency primarily working in the technology and software industries. Their creative team is one of the best in the industries, and is a great fit for many software and technology companies. 


Summary of REQ Ranking
Affordability (5.4/10): Because of REQ's intense focus on each client, some newest businesses may not be able to afford their services.
SEO Strategy (8.4/10): REQ combines a full creative and branding team with their SEO strategy, creating a unique and innovative approach to achieve their client's goals.
Customization (8.8/10): Each client receives a fully custom strategy and branding materials from REQ.
Track Record (8.8/10): REQ is consistently ranked among the top agencies for client satisfaction.


NP Source

NP Source is dedicated to non-profit organizations. Their work has helped countless non-profits raise money and increase awareness for their cause.


Summary of NP Source Ranking
Affordability (7.8/10): NP Source provides SEO and other marketing services at price levels designed for non-profit organizations.
SEO Strategy (7.4/10): Due to a specially crafted approach for non-profits, NP Source does phenomenal work helping non-profits increase their donations and credibility.
Customization (8.1/10): Non-profits serve a variety of different purposes and no two are the same. NP Source understands this and assists them in building a custom strategy for PR efforts and fundraising.
Track Record (8.3/10): While the KPIs for non-profits are slightly different, NP Source has a proven track record of helping non-profits.


Straight North

Straight North provides services from SEO to web design to paid advertising to creative services. Their thousands of clients, 25+ years in business, A+ BBB rating, and 95% client retention rate speaks volumes for Straight North. 


Summary of Straight North Ranking
Affordability (3.4/10): Straight North, due to their high level of focus on each client, is priced more on the premium side of SEO services.
SEO Strategy (8.1/10): Straight North has customized reporting software and a team of expert copywriters powering their campaigns.
Customization (8.9/10): Each client receives a tailored experience and customized campaign based on their company size, budget, objectives, and any other relevant factors
Track Record (9.0/10): Their client list is long and contains many top US brands such as Clover and Modern Bathroom.


Funnel Boost Media

Funnel Boost Media works with many local companies in verticals such as pest control, contractors, and tax services. They have created a printing press approach that allows clients to achieve results for less money out of pocket.


Summary of Funnel Boost Media Ranking
Affordability (9.3/10): Funnel Boost has SEO plans for less than $2,000, well within the reach of many local businesses.
SEO Strategy (7.9/10): Due to the nature of providing lower costs services, some of their deliverables are more cookie cutter. However, many clients find worthwhile results using Funnel Boost Media.
Customization (7.1/10): Due to the slim margins Funnel Boost Media manages, each client's campaign is not 100% original.
Track Record (7.3/10): With a 5-star ranking on Google, many clients love this company. But, due to a lack of transparency in client results, we have ranked Funnel Boost Media a 7.3/10.


Titan Growth

Titan Growth utilizes advanced technology such as their patented site crawling software TitanBot to pinpoint what is needed for a boost in the search algorithm. They are a full service digital marketing agency providing SEO, paid advertising, Amazon marketing, video production, and social media management. 


Summary of Titan Growth Ranking
Affordability (3.4/10): Titan Growth is a boutique full service agency, and you can expect to pay for the high quality of service you receive.
SEO Strategy (8.1/10): Titan Growth dedicates themselves to an SEO approach driven by technology, data, and analysis
Customization (8.9/10): No two clients are the same, and Titan Growth believes their approach needs to reflect that.
Track Record (9.1/10): A simple browse on their case studies page reveals that Titan Growth ensures client's see a high ROI on their investment.


The Best Small Business Agencies Ranked by Category


The Best Budget SEO Agencies

This table ranks the SEO agencies giving you the best “bang for your buck”.


1Funnel Boost Media9.3
3Focus Digital8.2
4Amazon SEO Consultant8.1
5NP Source7.8


The Best Agencies for Strategy 

Below, we’ve ranked agencies by quality of SEO strategy. 


NumberAgencySEO Strategy
1First Page Sage9.7
2Focus Digital9.3
3Rank Science8.8
4Straight North8.7
5Amazon SEO Consultant8.5


The Best Agencies for a Customized Approach

Looking for a crafted, unique strategy? Check out these options. 


1First Page Sage9.8
2Focus Digital9.1
3Amazon SEO Consultant8.9
4Straight North8.9
5Titan Growth8.9


Agencies with Top Client Results & Reviews

Note: Due to the unverifiable nature of many client result claims, we recommend placing more emphasis on the above three rankings. We have verified results for Focus Digital and First Page Sage.


NumberAgencyTrack Record
1First Page Sage9.9
2Focus Digital9.4
3Straight North9.3
4Titan Growth9.0


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